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Third Party Liability Insurance
for Parachutes, Hang Gliders and Paragliders
including emergency rescue costs
Scope of benefits:
obligatory third party liability insurance
covering emergency rescue costs (an existing other emergency rescue costs insurance has to be called upon first) - two options
(We reimburse costs according to the insurance policy, but do not organise emergency rescue, medical assistance or repatriation.)
valid worldwide (except USA, US territories and Canada - further Informationen)
competition risks included
also available for pilots from non-EU countries (cover limited to EU and Switzerland, cover extended to official FAI sanctioned Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Parachuting Events worldwide except USA)
Three gliders for personal use only may be on one policy. Only one glider at the time may be used.
reduction for NAC members
Austrian law applies


Euro / SDR (*)
Insurance sums
Third Party Liability insurance for parachutes, non-motorised hang gliders and paragliders, valid worldwide (except USA, US territories and Canada), competition risks included € 1.500.000,--
(at least) SDR 750.000,--
loss liability (without prior damage to property) € 12.000,--
Emergency rescue costs resulting from accidents with the glider insured (personal rescue only) € 2.600,--
or € 10.000,--
(*) The Special Drawing Right (SDR) is an artificial currency, which was introduced by the International Monetary Fund. The liability sums are expressed in SDR in the law.
For policyhoders in Italy the limit of liability afforded by Aviation Liability Insurance is € 1.600.000,--
Annual Premium (inclusive insurance tax) with € 2.600,-- insurance sum for emergency rescue costs
regular € 70,--
for members of a NAC € 60,--
Annual Premium (inclusive insurance tax) with € 10.000,-- insurance sum for emergency rescue costs
regular € 90,--
for members of a NAC € 80,--
Insurance Terms and Conditions
Third Party-/Passenger Legal Liability Insurance Conditions AVB for Aircarft Owners and Air Carriers 300/2016 (english translaton)
Only the german version (see below) ist legally binding!
Special Terms and Conditions of Aviation Liability Insurance (Valid: 01.04.2005) (english translaton)
Only the german version (see below) ist legally binding!
valid for contracts up to 2016:
Luftfahrt Haftpflichtversicherungs-Bedingungen (Luftfahrzeughalter, Luftfrachtführer) AVB 300/2008 (in german language)
valid for contracts and prolongations from 1.1.2017 onwards:
Luftfahrt Haftpflichtversicherungs-Bedingungen (Luftfahrzeughalter, Luftfrachtführer) AVB 300/2016 (in german language)
Besonderen Bedingungen zur Luftfahrt-Haftpflicht-Versicherung (Stand 01.04.2005) (in german language) PDF
Additional information
Vertragsinformationen (in german language) PDF
Informationen zur Verwendung Ihrer Daten (in german language) PDF
Information concerning the usage of your data PDF
Information on the (preliminary) exclusion of risks in the USA (TRIA-Information)
Application Form for Download
You can download, print, fill in and sign the form and then fax if or post it to us.
Insurance cover starts with arrival of the premium.


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