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Information Sheet
Tandem flights and tandem skydiving
Necessary risk phrase to passengers
The Austrian Supreme Court (OGH) decided in finding 2 Ob 277/05 g from 19.12.2005 regarding a tandem accident that tandem passengers must be advised of the potential dangers of the flight and that not just "fun & easy" can be communicated.
To meet this obligation we therefore must request to integrate the text below into the flight ticket or attach as a supplement to the ticket.
We propose to translate this statement in the respective national language and may advise to have this declaration signed by the passenger.


Dear Passenger!
According to a Supreme Court decision we have to advice, that accidents in paragliding/hang gliding and parachuting - e.g. because of stumbling or wrong reaction during take of or landing - are possible. Of course we try to keep this risk as small as possible, therefore please obey to all the instructions of the pilot.


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