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Frequently asked questions and additional information
Is my 3rd party liability insurance valid if I borough my wing/glider to my air sports collegue?
Yes - AXA 3rd party liability insurance is bound on the flying device and meets as such the legal conditions of the liability of the holder of an aircraft. Each authorized user of the wing/glider is also covered. (AVB 300/2016 pt 2.1.1)
Is my 3rd party liability insurance also valid if I use a (borrowed) "test-glider"?
No - in case of an incident with an aircraft it is always the holder who is liable and in charge of providing appropriate insurance coverage (also for claims against authorized users). Any liability claim resulting from using a glider has to be launched on to the holder of the glider/wing or his insurance.
My friend has personal liability insurance coverage for flying - is there such an insurance with AXA?
No - such insurance would require a faulty behavior of the person insured to be able to file a claim - this does not confirm with the legal requirements in aviation law, which is based on "strict liability". Such personal insurance does not replace the liability of the holder of the aircraft and his obligation to provide appropriate insurance. In case of an accident/incident a claim will be always filed to the holder of the wing.
How do I change or add a glider/wing to my insurance cover if I have bought a new glider/wing?
In case of change of a glider/wing please inform us about type, serial number and year of manufacture. We then alter your insurance policy and send you the new document. There is a EUR 5,-- charge for such alterations, which can be paid together with the next insurance premium.
If you want to add another glider/wing to your insurance (up to 3 solo gliders/wings for personal use are possible) please proceed as mentioned above.
We will send again all documents (including an English translation of your policy) to you by post or upon request by Email.
How do fulfill the legal requirements regarding licenses and airworthiness in foreign counties to perform in favor of the AXA insurance terms?
Regarding the airworthiness certification for hang glider, paraglider and parachutes basically the national regulations of the country where the aircraft is operated have to be fulfilled. To simply comply with the requirements in regard of the AXA Insurance Terms and Conditions is also considered to be fulfilled if the national airworthiness requirements in the country of the holder of the aircraft and/or the safety measures of an EN standard are met.

As stated ("and/or" in the sentence above) the relevant AXA Insurance Requirements would be also met if the hang glider or paraglider meets the EN standard only.

Flying Permit/License to fly: Basically the national regulations regarding the requirement of a license apply. In doubt the national flying license of the pilot meets the requirement regarding the AXA Insurance Terms, unless the host country explicitly has refused legal permission.
Formal governmental recognition of licenses and airworthiness certificates for HG / PG / Parachutes are most uncommon in air sports and appear unnecessary for a requirement in regard of insurance coverage.
Do "accident costs" if separately insured in the AXA pilots accident insurance also cover costs in private sanatoriums or for dentures?
According to Special Terms for Insurance of Accident Costs, Section 1.1 of the medical costs are the costs to remedy the consequences of accidents and as directed by the doctor as necessary. This means that the "regular costs" be reimbursed up to the maximum sum insured. Any other costs of "private" treatments in facilities listed under 1.1.1. will not be covered.
There is full coverage for an initial purchase of a dental prosthesis up to the sum insured, if necessary and causally related to a flying accident.


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