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Procedure in event of a claim
Should an insured event occur, please follow these points:
Please inform us as soon as possible about the insurance case or accident!
As AXA Insurance Agency for Air sports in Kössen we handle initial matters in this regard. Please phone or Email.
According to the insurance terms it is required that you give written notice of any insurance case immediately (no later than one week after occurrence).
Special report forms for 3rd party liability claims, for claims regarding your accident insurance, as well as to cover rescue costs may be downloaded from below.
After we receive the first information, we will contact you to clarify further proceedings.
Please be aware: We reimburse costs according to the insurance policy, but do not organise emergency rescue, medical assistance or repatriation.


You can download, print, fill in and sign the form and then post it to us oder send a scan via email.
If you need extra space for more information, please use a supplementary sheet.
For more information, please contact our office for example by e-mail: axa@fly-koessen.at
Forms for Download
Form to report a claim from AXA Third Party Liability Insurance (without rescue costs) PDF
Form to claim emergency rescue costs PDF
Form to report a claim from AXA Accident insurance PDF


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