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Third Party Liability Insurance
for officially authorised hang glider, paraglider
and sky diver flight training schools
domiciled in the EU, EEA, UK or Switzerland (except Austria and Germany)
Scope of benefits:
Covering the legal liability of the policyholder arising from his activity as a training centre, holder of aviation events and owner of airstrips and airfields as well as a parachute packer. Flight instructors and flight instructor candidates who are working for the policyholder are also insured. The insurance also covers the defense against unfounded claims arising from tandem flights by tandem pilots who are not staff members.
Cover is granted for aviation events only if all official licences and authorisations have been obtained and only for the aviation part of the event. Insurance cover is not granted for support and sideline events, music performances, public bars and their infrastructural fixtures and fittings.
As a reqirement, at least 10 aircraft (hang gliders, paragliders, parachutes) of the policyholder and its members have to be insured with AXA Insurance
This insurance covers training schools for non-motorised as well as motorised hang gliders and paragliders.


Insurance sums
Combined limit (bodily injury and property damage) € 1.500.000,--
Annual Premium
(inclusive insurance tax) € 219,80
Insurance Terms and Conditions
Aviation Legal Liability Insurance Conditions for Clubs, Landing Places/Airfields, Flight Instructors, Parachute Packers, Inspectors, Event Holders, Fuelling of Aircraft and Vehicles which do not require registration (AVB 304/2008) (english translaton)
Only the german version (see below) ist legally binding!
Luftfahrt Haftpflichtversicherungs-Bedingungen für Flugschulen, Vereine, Landeplätze/Fluggelände, Fluglehrer/Einweiser, Fallschirmpacker, Prüfer, Veranstalter, Betanken von Luftfahrzeugen und nicht zulassungspflichtige Fahrzeuge (AVB 304/2008) (in german language) PDF
Additional information
Vertragsinformationen (in german language) PDF
Informationen zur Verwendung Ihrer Daten (in german language) PDF
Information concerning the usage of your data PDF
Application Form for Download
You can download, print, fill in and sign the form and then post it to us oder send a scan via email.
Insurance cover starts with arrival of the premium.


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