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Information on the (preliminary) exclusion of risks in the USA
based on the Terror Risk Insurance Act 2002 (TRIA)
Declaration regarding insurance coverage in the U.S.
The U.S. government ordered by a law (Terror Risk Insurance Act of 2002 - TRIA) that all insurers of aircraft operators, whose aircraft will be operated in the U.S., have to offer an anti-terrorism insurance coverage the policyholders.
Such additional anti-terrorism cover may be purchased with AXA for a premium of $ 950,-- covering hang gliders, paragliders and parachutes.
Such coverage may also be rejected in writing by using the form below, which has to be recorded by the insurer in the policy documentation. In this case the exclusion clause regarding terrorist acts according to the current AXA insurance terms and conditions will be again in force - which means there is no insurance in case of terrorist acts, but therefore liability insurance in the amount as registered in the insurance policy also in the U.S.
What does this mean for you?
AXA liability insurance in principle (for now) is not valid in the USA.
If you want such insurance cover valid for the USA, please send us the form below: You can thereby: (a) apply for anti-terrorist insurance protection (additional premium of $ 950,--), or (b) explicitly waive anti-terrorist insurance protection.
After we receive from you a signed explicit waiver for the anti-terrorism insurance coverage, we may grant liability insurance protection for the U.S. as usual.
If you choose extended anti-terrorism coverage, we include this risk in your insurance policy together with the liability risk as applied.


Form for Download
You can download, print, fill in and sign the form and then post it to us oder send a scan via email. PDF


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